Hearts for Africa Radio Show- Larry Walling email: heartsforafrica@yahoo.com (408) 656-1423. Our purpose is to provide a  way to connect with the organizations who are making a positive difference with the people on the continent of Africa. Listen to our archived radio shows.

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Larry Walling (408) 656-1423 or (805) 570-6972   email: heartsforafrica@yahoo.com

This Sunday's guest will be Murali Krishnamurthy, Founder and Executive Chairman Sankara Eye Foundation USA, with follow up.

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Mission Statement

The purpose of the  "Hearts for Africa" radio program is to help people help themselves. We do this by working with humanitarian organizations and non-profits locally and globally.  On the local level we interview representatives from different organizations who are making a positive impact on the community. We work with them to create public awareness and how you can be proactive instead of reactive in making a difference with human trafficking, single moms, homeless communities, drug addictions, etc.

On the global level we work with faith-based and non-faith based international non-profits in Africa, India, the Middle East, and beyond. Each culture has different needs which require unique approaches, so we work with their local government and leaders to achieve their goals and visions.

Our hope on Hearts for Africa is to come together as a community and make a difference not only in our lives but in the lives of others so they can experience what we so often take for granted.


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