Hearts for Africa Radio Show- Larry Walling email: heartsforafrica@yahoo.com (408) 656-1423. Our purpose is to provide a  way to connect with the organizations who are making a positive difference with the people on the continent of Africa. Listen to our archived radio shows.

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Larry Walling (408) 656-1423 or (805) 570-6972   email: larry@ heartsforafricaradio.com

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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Hearts for Africa radio program is to inform our listeners about some of the most entrenched issues affecting our global community and to connect them with the amazing humanitarian organizations fighting every day to make a difference.

Our focus is both global and local. On the global level, we interview representatives from faith-based and non-faith based organizations working in Africa, India, the Middle East, and beyond. We especially focus on non-profits that are striving to help people help themselves.

On the local level, we interview organizations that are making a positive impact on our communities working with issues such as human trafficking, drug addiction, homelessness, and hunger.

Our goal here at Hearts for Africa is to come together as a community and help our listeners be proactive in tackling the many issues affecting our global and local communities.

Be informed, get involved, make a difference. 


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